Our Products

Gent’s handbags

Fashionable gent’s bags are the new talk of the town, especially across the business arena. Cool leather satchels and briefcases have begun a revolution around, and it all started from the runway. The minimalist gent’s handbags are an amazing combination of trendy leather silhouette and soothing color palette – for straight, well-framed and practical bag needs.

Gents wallets

Bid goodbye to overpriced, chunky leather wallets: Gents Wallets are those suave set of wallets that will nudge you to utter ‘WOW’ every time you reach out to it. Sleek and slender, but big enough to stash your basic ID, cards and cash – Gents Wallets do tick off the right boxes.

Ladies Handbags

Sizeable and versatile, ladies handbags can be used 365 days a year.  To carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, they get thumbs-up. Also, they strive to be your perfect style companion wherever you go. From office to university to salsa class, carry them and make the world a better place.

Ladies Wallets

Simple design, high quality cattle leather, and immaculate craftsmanship comes together in Ladies Wallets- a zipped leather wallet in chic design complementing your urbane persona. Dress up or down, these Ladies Wallets will keep you on the go.

Miscellaneous Keycase

Win Star Leather Keycases are fetching, classic-inspired leather keycases with a modish finish. They function primarily as a keycase though can be easily passed off as a packed-and-pressed wallet – perfect for the striking minimalist in you!

Passport cases

Constructed using durable leather, our passport cases are curated in a way to withstand the rigors of daily use, while ensuring enhanced lasting. Shop them and unleash streaks of creativity.

Card cases

Flaunt your cards in style and grace! Our minimalist card cases are just designed and crafted to perfection for you!

Travel wallet

Travelling is fun! And with our exotic travel wallets it becomes easier too. Stash your essentials in our wallets and travel in style and hassle-free.

Waist purse

Our gorgeous waist purse will liberate you! They are trendy yet handy. Equipped with a number of pockets, they ensure you are always on the go!

Coin purse

Want to keep your coins safe and secured without compromising on the style part? Check out our luxurious collection of coin purses and be sorted for the day.