How to Pick the Right Leather Handbag and Win Hearts of Many

Leather handbags are awesome! But, often they serve little purpose if they are not much functional or scores low in fashion.

Here’s how to find the perfect handbags that doesn’t suck – suits your attire, doesn’t load your shoulders and high on practicality.

Strike a chord between style and purpose

The first and foremost for what purpose are you buying this bag? What outfits are you going to pair with it? Is it for work or for leisure? These are very important questions to ask yourself before investing in a high quality leather bag.

Is this handbag suitable for your body frame?

The size of handbag matters. Like if you are short and petite, go for smaller handbags in leather, whereas tall and slim women should settle for large oversized bags that will overshadow their silhouette.

Signs of crappy handbags

Useless pockets, excessively heavy, cheap leather quality and poor straps – are some of the sure-to-shot signs of B-grade handbags. Buying unnecessarily heavy bags takes its toll on shoulders and results in back pain. So stay away from such purchases.

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